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Dog Lessons For People
I saw this on a magnet the other day and had to post it. So true. 1. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a walk 2. Run and play daily 3. Be loyal, faithful, and quick to forgive 4. Always drink plenty of water 5. Sometimes it is best to sit close and listen 6. Follow […]...
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Recent Google Updates Equal Bad User Experience?
With the portfolio I help manage (, we've got a couple of business related domains that were ranked fairly well in Google until recent Panda updates. Prior to the most recent update, if you Googled the particular keyword we were competing for, we were ranked #3 behind a .gov site th...
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My Promise To My Friends During The 2012 Election
I promise not to delete you as a friend on Facebook because you believe in something different than I believe. I promise to do my best to see your points of view. I promise not to use Repubtards, Demorats, Teabaggers, or other derogatory words. We're already divided enough as a nation. Why do I prom...
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6 Strips of Bacon
Most mornings for the past couple of years I get up and cook breakfast for everyone. When I say everyone, I mean me, my wife, and the dogs. I cook 7 strips of turkey bacon, 3 for me, 2 for Charlie, 1 for Milo, and 1 for Gracie. I cook 3 eggs, 2 for me, […]...
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Which 2012 Candidate Do I Support
So first of all, let me say that I do not make campaign contributions. Most candidates come from a wealthy enough background that they don't need my money. To tell the truth, the first candidate that runs and uses their own personal money to fund their campaign and doesn't accept outside funds, will...
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