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Are Americans Really Ready?
Posted By: Brian Gilbert on March 29, 2009

Are Americans really ready? We bitch and moan about things wrong with our Country, but as a whole, are we really ready to stand up to our leaders and put our government back in its place. I think some Americans have seen this moment coming for a long time. I think more Americans are coming to realize that our current situation needs to be addressed. But sadly enough, I think most Americans are far to self indulged and are of the mindset that someone else will stand up and fix this situation. What the self indulged don't realize is that all of the little conveniences we have today that have made the self indulged what they are will not be as plentiful for their children. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't have kids, but I worry for other peoples children and the future they're going to have to fix if we don't do something soon!

I'm 38 years old and want to act now. I may not have the energy when I'm 75 and I certainly hate depending on others for anything......and I mean anything!

For all you Americans out there that think standing up to your government needs to be scheduled or you're just not quite sure you'll have the time with all the running you have to do for the kids between soccer practice, cheerleading camps, karate class, etc., I say to you WAKE UP!! Look around you. If YOU don't do something who will. And if YOU don't do something, what does that teach your children. I'm not saying drop everything and drive to D.C. and live in a tent in the park across from the White House. What I am asking is to educate yourself about our government. Educate yourself as to who your local Representatives are and how to contact them and voice your opinion. I guarantee you'll find something that person voted for or against that affects you personally, you've just never taken the time to care.

I'm primarily a fiscal conservative with libertarian mix. I'm not saying my point of views are the end all be all. I'm simply trying to point you in a direction. I promise you, I'd rather you know what's going on with your government and disagree with me than not know anything at all and let others make those decisions for you.

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