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Windows 10 Upgrade Notification
I received this little notification in the status bar on my computer this morning that I could get a free upgrade to Windows 10.   I clicked the notification and the following window popped up.   I read through and clicked the Reserve your free upgrade button. I added my email address to g...
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Sync Outlook with iCloud
What seems to be such a simple task can be painstakingly grueling. My mission: To sync Outlook with iCloud so my Outlook Calendar and Outlook Contacts would always be in sync WITHOUT having to connect the phone via iTunes every time I made a calendar change. Software: Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook...
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Strong Passwords
I woke up this morning and checked my email.  I had a message from Facebook saying "Somebody recently asked to reset your Facebook password.  Click here to change your password.  Didn't request this change?  If you didn't request a new password, let us know immediately." I hovered over the links...
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Free U2 Album Not Showing Up in iTunes
It's a simple fix. 1.  Open iTunes and go to Preferences. 2.  Click on the store icon. 3.  Check the box next to Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases". Go to Artists or Albums and you should now see Songs of Innocence showing up. Thanks U2!!...
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Disable Google Account Chooser
If, like me you login to multiple Google accounts per day, the new account chooser feature can be annoying. The account chooser presents you with a list of email addresses you've previously signed in with along with a picture to help you easily identify which account you'd like to proceed with. I pe...
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