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San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Posted By: Brian Gilbert on April 24, 2009

Just got back from a working vacation in Mexico. WOW! We stayed at the Cabo Azul Resort and it was nothing short of awesome! Everything was perfect.

We did more than I expected to do and the area exceeded my expectations. We saw Sammy Hagar play at Cabo Wabo's. Unbelievable. The chances of ever seeing that are slim to none. We rode horses during the sunrise...which was absolutely beautiful. We had massages on the beach, drinks by the pool, and drinks in the pool.

I was reluctant to go at first with all the crime at the Mexican/US border. I thought for sure with my blonde hair and blue eyes, I'd be screaming kidnap me and ask for a huge ransom. Never once did I feel like I was going to be kidnapped, mugged, mislead, or anything. Everyone we spoke to was just as nice as they could be. Most of the folks there speak enough english to understand. So, if you know a little spanish and they know a little english, you'll be fine.

This was probably the most relaxing time I've EVER had on a vacation. I'm usually up tight because I'm constantly worried about my surroundings. I thought it would be 10 times worse being out the U.S. Boy was I wrong!

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