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The F-Bomb
Posted By: Brian Gilbert on February 26, 2013

Can we talk about the F-bomb? Yes, the F-word.

As Ralphie says in A Christmas Story, "Oooh fuuudge." Only I didn't say "Fudge." I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word!

The F word doesn't offend me. I've used it. It's an all purpose word. It's a verb, a noun, it's a lot of things and really gives a punch when used correctly. However, if you use it all the time it packs less punch when you're trying to get a point across.

You can't say the F-word on TV. Well, most stations. Some stations like Comedy Central will air uncensored episodes of South Park late at night when kids are in bed. If they are in bed, they may not be asleep and can watch the episodes where Cartman and his friends don't get beeped.

I don't remember the first time I used the F-word, or the first time I heard it. I'm sure when I did use it, it was in high school and only around close friends, certainly not in mixed company and definitely not in ear shot of others.

Then I joined the military in the late 80's and started working on airplanes. It was a commonly used word amongst crew chiefs. Again, when using the word, it was on the flightline, in the dorms, or in areas where only our close knit group could hear. Never over the walkie talkies we used, never in public places where others could hear.....well unless someone got into a verbal with a civilian....which was easy to do up in New Jersey. You smile wrong and the next thing you hear in a raspy deep voice with the best Jersey accent would be "you got a fuckin problem"....and that was just the women. It was a little intimidating. : )

Fast forward to Howard Stern being on mainstream radio stations and him and his crew having to be VERY creative to avoid the f-bomb otherwise they would face FCC fines. I think that was part of the humor of the show was seeing how creative they could be with the English language and still get their point across. Then came Sirius radio where Howard could speak freely. Yes, I listened to the first show on Sirius and it lost a lot of it's luster since the f-bomb could be dropped without the cast having to get creative with their words.

Now, sadly, I hear the word in public used by kids when talking to their parents. And their parents do NOTHING. It's kind of shocking. Again, the word doesn't offend me, but in my opinion, it's not a word to be used where everyone around can hear.

As society advances, aren't we suppose to get better. Isn't each generation suppose to take what they learned from the previous generation and make their own generation better for future generations. What does it mean when parents do nothing to a teen when they drop the F-Bomb in public where much younger kids are in ear shot....or worse yet, a younger sibling is standing right next to them.

If kids learn that it's ok to use 'fudge' in every day conversation, how are their interviews going to go. What are their resumes going to look like? How are they going to be at customer service if their not mindful of what word choices they have to make?

Worse yet, since the f-bomb is becoming such a common word in everyday society, we're taking the power away from the word. It doesn't have the same punch, it doesn't have the same power, it doesn't have the same shock and awe factor it once did.

Is it ok for kids to use WTF when they know what the F stands for? They're not saying the word but they might as well be.

How many times a day do you use the F word? Do you use it in casual conversation or only when trying to pack some punch into getting your point across? When you say it, are you in public and saying it loud enough for the family with kids sitting across from you to hear? Do you use the f-bomb in Facebook posts? Why do memes have to have the eff word in them? They can get their point across without dropping the f-bomb. Do you have kids and wish others around you wouldn't drop the f-bomb because you don't want your kids to hear the word?

Start a cuss jar. You'll probably be surprised how much fucking money ends up in the fucking thing. See, I dropped the f-bomb there when it didn't need to be and it doesn't add any punch to the statement.

I'm not saying we should stop using the f-word, but reserve it. Then when you really want to pack a punch in a statement, drop that sucker and get your fucking point across. People will probably respect you more.

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