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Which 2012 Candidate Do I Support
Posted By: Brian Gilbert on March 26, 2012

So first of all, let me say that I do not make campaign contributions. Most candidates come from a wealthy enough background that they don't need my money. To tell the truth, the first candidate that runs and uses their own personal money to fund their campaign and doesn't accept outside funds, will get my vote just on principle. I'm not certain that candidates can use their own money and comply with campaign rules, but you get the idea.

Barack Obama will undoubtedly run again. My hats off to his last campaign team. They made McCain look like the old, out of touch with the younger generation guy, that he is. Let's face it, like him or not, Obama has a certain charisma about him that's captivating. He spoke of hope and change for this country in times where anyone who's paid any attention to history could see that our direction needed to change. With great momentum going in to the election, Barack Obama pulled off the win. But, can he regain some momentum and pull off a second victory? He's made a lot of people mad by breaking campaign promises. But what candidate hasn't. He said he'd get us out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, and close Gitmo. Well, in all fairness, how can he say that before he's President? As a Senator he wasn't privy to the information GWB had. Once Obama took office, he changed his tune on a couple of matters and stayed the course for the pull out timeline that was already in place. He signed an executive order to close Gitmo, but it's still open today.

Looking at the Republican candidates I don't see one that just really stands a good way. Santorum is too conservative. Ron Paul has some very good points, but loses me with his lack of foreign policy and the idea that we should legalize drugs. Romney, well he seems too political for me. We don't need a politician in office, we need people who are going to get things done and not bicker back and forth about what makes people happy. Seriously, how hard is it to do the right thing? It must be near impossible for politicians. Romney seems to be the one with the most business experience though.

So, long story short, no one has earned my vote at this point. I have a feeling a lot of voters feel the same way this early in the election cycle. But let's face it, we've got numerous issues in America right now. A $15+ TRILLION dollar deficit is one of my personal concerns.

Why don't we have better candidates to choose from? I'll tell you why, smart people don't want to be President. Look at past Presidents when they take office and then look at them when they leave 4 or 8 years later. Stress will kill you.

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