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Windows 10 Upgrade Notification
Posted By: Brian Gilbert on June 1, 2015

I received this little notification in the status bar on my computer this morning that I could get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows10 Upgrade Notification


I clicked the notification and the following window popped up.

Windows10 Upgrade Notification


I read through and clicked the Reserve your free upgrade button.

I added my email address to get notifications and copy is reserved.

Windows10 Upgrade Notification


I'm not using Windows 8, I'm on Windows 7.  I've seen Windows 8 and have helped users navigate the current OS and it's not friendly for someone on a laptop or desktop.  Using it on a table or other touch device does make sense.  And users were so familiar with the start button, for Microsoft to take that away was a bad move IMO.

I'm glad to read the Start menu is back in Windows 10.

My current setup is a Macbook Pro 15" running OSX Yosemite.  I've got Parallels installed and run several other instances of Operating Systems including Windows 7.  When the upgrade comes out, I'll push it to another virtual install I've got running on my system and play with it before deciding on using it full time or not.

Have you reserved your copy of Windows 10 yet?

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