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Free U2 Album Not Showing Up in iTunes
It's a simple fix. 1.  Open iTunes and go to Preferences. 2.  Click on the store icon. 3.  Check the box next to Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases". Go to Artists or Albums and you should now see Songs of Innocence showing up. Thanks U2!!...
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Why Facebook Has Become Less Relevant To Me
Recently I decided to calculate how much time I spent on Facebook in a normal day. It came out to be about an hour. This includes the time it took me to read articles from sources I follow. I then tried to decipher how much of that time was spent sifting through crap that wasn't […]...
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Why Does My Site Redirect to
Good news, you've not been hacked. It appears that the folks at provide plugins for wordpress that allow users to show Daily Quotes on their sites. The feed for these quotes comes directly from the domain. The domain has expired and is now a parked page. It's v...
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Disable Google Account Chooser
If, like me you login to multiple Google accounts per day, the new account chooser feature can be annoying. The account chooser presents you with a list of email addresses you've previously signed in with along with a picture to help you easily identify which account you'd like to proceed with. I pe...
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How To Disable AutoPlay Videos in the Facebook Mobile App
UPDATE:8/29/14 Facebook now provides instructions on how to disable videos on your mobile device. Disable autoplay videos in facebook.. If you've been scrolling through the Facebook App on your iPhone or Android phone recently you may have noticed that videos autoplay silently within the newsfeed. N...
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