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San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Just got back from a working vacation in Mexico. WOW! We stayed at the Cabo Azul Resort and it was nothing short of awesome! Everything was perfect....
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Are Americans Really Ready?
Are Americans really ready? We bitch and moan about things wrong with our Country, but as a whole, are we really ready to stand up to our leaders and put our government back in its place. I think some Americans have seen this moment coming for a long time. I think more Americans are coming […...
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Frivolous Lawsuits
My biggest problem with Americans is Frivolous Lawsuits and I'll explain. Many years ago there was a commercial about cocaine addiction. This guy says he does more coke so he can work longer so he can make more money so he can do more coke so he can work longer so he can make more […]...
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Blue Moose In Pigeon Forge
Have you ever gone to one of those restaurants where it has a lot of potential to be "the cool" place you envision it be but it's lacking something? We have a restaurant like that here in Pigeon Forge called The Blue Moose. I've just learned they don't have a web site after searching for […]...
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Defining Premium Domain Names
I'm sure it's happened to all of us. We get intrigued by a thread that says something like "I've got some premium domain names I'm looking to get rid of....blah blah blah" and we all ask for the list only to find most of the names on the list will most likely be available for […]...
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